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Poor quality and unfinished work!

By: | July 9, 2014

Toby seemed knowledgeable and professional when he came to do the quote, but it was all down hill from there. I agreed to hire him only if he could complete the job in 2-3 days, which we both agreed was easily doable. (I used to be in the industry) I needed the walkways done to have access to my house and also because the weather was only supposed to hold out for 3-4 days. After showing up for a couple hours on day 1 to dig up my yard, they vanished for several days. Of course the weather turned 3 days later like we expected. After nearly a month of showing up on rainy days and not on the sunny ones, we got a hastily installed, poorly prepped, misshapen, unfinished walkway. He also tried to charge me an extra $100 for sand that was compromised by moisture, after his employees didn't cover it properly! Now 7 months later, after receiving most of the agreed funds, he is refusing to come back to finish the job and honour the contract we have to warranty his work. He is giving me...


Nine Yards Landscaping

2002 11th Ave SE Calgary, AB

category: Landscaping - Contractors

Joe Melo - Melo Landscaping...

By: terrain19 | June 28, 2014

As the previous poster mentioned, Joe Anthony Melo from Melo Landscaping is a crook. He advertises on and seems genuine at first. However, once you pay him a deposit, you will get nothing but excuses from him on when the landscaping work will be completed. DO NOT do any business with him. If you have been defrauded by him, please report it to Halton Regional Police.

Anthony Melo Landscaping Ltd

2138 Cartier Cres Burlington, ON

category: Landscaping - Contractors

Excellent Work!

By: dwgosselin | May 30, 2014

We had Swantel construct an extensive retaining-wall a few years ago and we were very pleased with the result. The price was fair, the employees were helpful and respectful and the wall has not moved at all in 3 years! Some of the stones have discoloured and the owner is helping us work with the manufacturer to have them cleaned or replaced. No hassle.

This year, we requested three quotes for an interlock patio. Their price was again very fair and the owner worked with us to refine the design to our liking. The workers arrived on time, they allowed my 4 year old to help them and they delivered a fantastic finished product that I expect will last 20 years. Most importantly, they answered all our questions during the project and ensured we were happy at all times.

Both jobs were completed on time and on budget.

SwanTel Landscaping

7116 Russell Rd. P.O. Box 211 Carlsbad Springs, ON

category: Landscaping - Contractors

used to be a great company but what a...

By: | May 10, 2014

I got work done in 2010 and I would of rated them 5 stars then. But when I got some more work done in 2013 I asked if I could have the same guy working on my backyard that did the driveway few years back if he was still with the company. Gab promised me Justin would be the guy doing the work. But one week in I came home early and didn't see him there I asked one of the guys there named boddie or whatever where he was and that's when I was informed he left the company last year to start his own company. ( if I knew that from the beginning I would of never called grace contacting) years back when they did my driveway Justin would be there at my place before I even left for work but with gab and his new guys they wouldn't even start till after lunch and I'd come home to them working and they wouldn't leave till 10 pm some nights. Not only was the end job crappy, not complete, over charged and still in small claims court. But Boddie the guy putting in my...


Grace Contracting

1040 Hunt Club Rd Ottawa, ON

category: Landscaping - Contractors


By: emmasharp | March 20, 2014

Joe showed up to my home, on time as scheduled, listened to my landscape design requests, and within a few days, provided me with a design drawing of my entire property. The work provided was extensive and included removal and replacement of grass, design and planting of beds, planting of trees, shrubs and ornamental grasses, extensive grading and stone work. The work was completed with professionalism and ahead of schedule at an extremely reasonable price. I have already recommended Stonetech to co-workers and will not hesitate to do so in the future


By: ElleGallop | October 11, 2013

4 years ago this company built our deck. This summer we had to tear it down and replace it. They had built the stairs over our fireplace vent (despite us questioning if that was ok) and the step was severely charred. Their solution - cut a hole in the step to let the heat out.

Also, the concrete for the pilings was not mixed properly and they started crumbling. They told me that was normal because of our weather. Their solution this time - jam something under the deck to replace the crumbling parts. The deck sunk at least 2 inches in 4 years!!

It's so bad, that it was featured on Global's trouble shooter segment.

I had 4 contractors look at my deck and all of them came to the conclusion that it would be cheaper to demolish the deck and start over than it would be to fix everything that was wrong with it (it's a long list). Learn from my mistake and don't use this company. Please!

Dutchmans Landscaping

By: dlandscaping | October 1, 2013

Dutchmans residential landscaping service transforms your back, front and side yards into your own outdoor sanctuary while saving you money and hassle.
For over 35 years, Dutchmans Landscaping has worked to provide the greatest quality of express service. We believe in limiting our projects to one at a time ? meaning our clients receive the most focused and personalized attention, and their projects are completed quickly.

Dutchman's Landscaping

53 Fairwood Pl E Burlington, ON

category: Landscaping - Contractors


By: BouradaScam | September 24, 2013

The owner of this company, Marc Bourada, stole thousands of dollars from me and I haven't been able to get a hold of him since. I have also found out that he owes many other people money as well as has a history of scamming people. Here is a website about this thief:

Outdoor Living

641 Sherbourne Road Ottawa, ON

category: Pools - Contractors Landscaping - Contractors

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