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Lowes and Pella Windows from Lowes

By: Cgbgbj | July 4, 2016

I ordered 13 Pella Windows from Lowes in April. Ordering was a nightmare dealt with Victor who had a huge chip on his shoulder from the start. Windows came in all were ordered wrong lowes fault. Ordered them again they came in all the jams were wrong. Lowes got the right jams, my contracted had to re cut all jams they were terribly off. I was having my roof siding and Windows done this kept my whole project from being done. Every time they screw up it takes another 21 days to get the item. Lowes and Pella do not ruch even when it is their fault. We called Pella they do NOTHINGto help you! Trust me go with Anderson Windows. We never got the trim for our last window a 31"x64" double hung window with half circle window on top so we called Lowes for a price. It took two business days just to get a price from Pella. For inside trim that is $8 for an 8' piece we would need 3 and the half circle. Lowes and Pella quoted a price of $633 dollars. Called Pella they said we had to...


Non Honorable - No Customer Service

By: honestreviews | June 22, 2016

I will start by saying I have been a Long time loyal customer of Van Beek's Garden Center. I will follow up by saying that as a business owner mistakes happen... It's a part of doing business. As business owners all we can do is attempt to work with the client to rectify the situation.. Sometimes to everyone's satisfaction and sometimes maybe not.
After a recent delivery of limestone to my home by VanBeeks my driveway was damaged. I contacted VanBeeks immediately and sent photos of my damaged asphalt. I received a phone call later that day advising me that I had signed a paper which indicated that Vanbeeks was not liable for any damage past the city line. I replied that there Was no reason for the damage, the driver had plenty of room and it was driver error as he clearly did not assess the area properly and was negligent. I was told I would receive a phone call the following day after he spoke to the driver.
Not only did I NOT receive a return phone call but I...


Van Beek’s Garden Supplies

2410 Lower Baseline Rd Oakville, ON

category: Landscaping - Equipment and Supplies

Great job, very professional good value!

By: Rick Millar | May 28, 2016

Dicarlo Stoneworks worked with us to create a beautiful entrance way to our home.
They did such a good job we are intending to get them to do some more work for us in the near future.
Our project was started on time and completed ahead of schedule, the site was cleaned right up.
We highly recommend Carlo and his crew.

DiCarlo Stoneworks Inc

3939 Duke Of York Blvd Suite 3308 Toronto, ON

category: Masonry - Contractors Stone Work - Contractors

Material and advice

By: Leslie del Rosario | April 19, 2016

We shopped around at a few stone yards and there were so many options to choose from but little advice from experts. Merlin Construction was the only company that we were able to gain more insight and knowledge as to what stone would best suit our interlocking project. The sales rep was very helpful and explained the entire construction process from beginning to end, while resolving our concerns.

Excellent Service!!!!!!!!!!

By: johnabelard | April 13, 2016

We recently had our garden completely overhauled by Denny and his team. They have done a wonderful job of creating usable space where before it was overgrown and dark. We now have a large patio by the house, with a pathway leading up to a secluded "secret" garden. This is a quiet, relaxing place to sit in our little gazebo, watching the birds land and feed. They have installed a small water feature as well.

To anyone who is looking for great results and a great price, These are the guys for you!

Denny's Gardener & Landscaper

11913 139 Ave NW Edmonton, AB

category: Landscaping - Designers

Tough Oaks Landscaping

By: vivianne5685 | March 23, 2016

We have undertaken 2 extensive landscape projects with Ralph Young. On both occasions Ralph proved why it was worth waiting for him to be available to do the work. From initial planning, to ground preparation, to the laying of the last piece of stone or greenery, his attention to detail, his need to do it right was refreshing in today's hurry up and move on to the next job mentality. We always felt included at every phase of the projects, and he truly listened to our feedback. When appropriate, he would make changes to the initial plans.
An important but often overlooked consideration when hiring a contractor, is how pleasant it was to have Ralph and Paul doing work around the house. When coming home to a yard under renovation, their warmth and love of their work made you look past the dirt and see the end project. Every night the site was cleaned up, tools gathered, and hazards marked off.
We would recommend Tough Oaks Landscaping for any project you may have in mind. You won't be disappointed.

This is not Anthony Melo Landscaping...

By: Mortgagemarg | February 20, 2016

This is not Anthony MELO Landscaping ... This is another MELO landscaping company nothing to do with my Dad .. (Anthony Melo) my dad ran the company since 1967 till he was 75 years old so for 38 years and before that he was the Mgr at Fitzsmions Garden Centre since 1953.., please remove my fathers name and address from this ... He passed away in 2011 and this is very upsetting and disturbing as my Father was well know avid was honest humble and reliable and successful never was there ever an unhappy client ..., this is terrible to shame my Dads name ... Remove please

Anthony Melo Landscaping Ltd

2138 Cartier Cres Burlington, ON

category: Landscaping - Contractors

Landscape Nightmare

By: brianjscott | February 19, 2016

Paid deposit in Aug 2015 to secure Sept 21st start date. Constant delays and excuses on reasons why they cannot be onsite. Two more Payments were made AHEAD of progress on the belief that progress would be made the following week. BIG Mistake. It appears Don Kirkpatrick (owner/operator of family owned business) has only 1 other employee (Harold) and Don booked another job in Oakville which has his priority. He shows up for an hour here and there, and there are weeks between visits. In Dec 2015, was still living in a pile of mud and no access to our front entrance and no progress in weeks. Since our last payment Don continues with excuse after excuse as to why he cannot be onsite: " got 4 flat tires"," hurt my hand", "at other job in Oakville", "accident with trailer", "something of a personal nature", "sick mother" etc. We even asked him to work while we were away for a week and he refused because he needed to finish his Oakville job...


Gardens of Distinction

12 Chesterfield Rd Brampton, ON

category: Landscaping - Contractors

very disappointed

By: mwpfxx | February 2, 2016

I hired Dun-rite Paving Co to remove my old driveway and install new one from scratch last year. Within 6 months my driveway was already cracking and sink holes were forming. I called them back to complain and they came and refilled the sink holes which made my driveway look horrible. Looks like a real butcher job with patches all over the place. I had several estimates prior to hiring this company which were much cheaper. Instead of paying $1.200 to have my driveway repaved I payed nearly $6.000 to have the job done properly from scratch with new foundation of gravel poured. To my surprise the results would have been the same. I might as well as left my old driveway alone and refilled the sinkholes myself. The appearance would have been the same. Very disappointed with this company. Not to mention that they also broke my slate steps with their machine and when I told them about it they did a half ass patch job on it, which looks terrible. Don't let the amount of years in business on their website or their name fool you. Very disappointed with the work performed.

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