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Highly recommended.

By: JohnUlmer1992 | August 8, 2015

They really have the finest selection of slabs I’ve found in any of the places I’ve looked in Fort Myers. I got 3 different estimates from other places, but Omicron Granite & Tile was the only one that felt like a fair price. The salesperson was nice and took us around and showed us the products we were looking for. I highly recommend them.

Omicron Granite & Tile

6201 Arc Way Fort Myers, FL

category: Stone Work - Contractors

terrible person

By: non-member | June 29, 2015

The owner Stephen Bains wrote a chq for the truck he is currently driving a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 and it bounced, that was almost 2 months ago, he refuses to make good on the chq and i have seen him driving the truck un insured on multiple occasions, essentially he has stolen this truck, is this the kind of man or business you want to hire to do your work for you, a dis honest thief who is no good to his word.

Tree Planting - June 2015

By: CalgaryFitz | June 5, 2015

A Planta Landscaping crew (Luis and Kyle) delivered and planted an evergreen tree I purchased at Golden Acres. Both were pleasant, helpful and professional in digging, planting, fertilizing and watering in the tree. Luis, the owner's son, provided excellent information about caring for the tree over the next few months. Perhaps most significantly, when I later concluded after viewing the tree from different angles, that I had marked the ideal spot incorrectly, they kindly returned the same day, shifted the tree and did not charge me for it or accept additional money. I was amazed. It would not have been out of order to request additional payment. This business provides an excellent service and I do not hesitate to recommend them.

Great Job!

By: MillerJ | May 13, 2015

Last summer as I was leaving my house to go to work I stepped on one of the flagstones on my front steps. I knew it had been loose for some time but just couldn’t get around to having it fixed, what a mistake! The stone gave out underneath me and I fell down and broke my ankle. Needless to say it was a very unpleasant, uncomfortable and painful accident. This year I decided to make sure that I didn’t fall again. A friend recommended True Roots contracting to me. They answered right away and were soon hard at work on my yard, trimming the bushes and finally replacing those awful old flagstones with some slick, dark new ones instead. I was very impressed with not just the job but also the polite conduct of the young workers as well. They made sure to include me in important decisions and consult me regularly about the yard. Their prices were affordable and their work was above par, they made my yard look far nicer than before, and now I can go out my front door without having to...


True Roots Contracting

43 Hamilton Crescent Georgetown, ON

category: Landscaping - Contractors


By: non-member | April 12, 2015

From Creative Impressions Landscaping,

We apologize that you as customers of ours feel this way but unfortunately if you don't provide us with your name we are unable to address the situation. Creative Impressions has 17 years experience in the industry and has served thousands of customers over the years with minimal concerns. If at any time you are dissatisfied with the job we have done, our first priority is making sure that any concerns you may have are taken care of.

Creative Impressions Landscape

51 Ballymore Dr Aurora, ON

category: Landscaping - Contractors

Bacon et pave uni

By: Paysagistegg | April 2, 2015

********PAVE-UNI-PAVE UNI-PAVE UNI********
(pave uni)LES ENTREPRISES G ET G giovanni et giuseppe 20 ans d'experience estimation et consultation gratuit

*restauration de balcon
*reparation des vieux pave uni (mise a niveau)
*muret et mur de soutient
*reparation de vieux muret de block
*installation de bordure (universelle, celtic, plastic ect...)
*contour de piscine en pave uni
*sable polimeric
*installation de puisard
*pose de tourbe
*travail de ciment et beton
*balcon de beton, escalier, marche


Very Pleased

By: Lydia | March 17, 2015

Hi Al

I hope you are well.

Thank goodness this season is almost over. It’s been a tough year with the snow. We got off to a bit of a rough start but I want to let you know that Magil is very pleased with your team and the good work they did for us with the snow removal.

Brooklin beauty created by Northern...

By: non-member | March 10, 2015

Let me start off by saying that I usually do not take the time out to write a review, but I felt a need to do so with this one. Northern Stone Design was more than happy to come out to the Durham region for us to do our front and back landscaping stone design. I am all about supporting family businesses and these guys did a phenomenal job. They helped to map out our design and took the exact amount of time that they said they would, four days, to complete a large job. It was conducted quickly, professionally and to our vision. Many people walking by stop to ask us what company did our landscaping. We are very happy with the beautiful job and would recommend this company to everyone! Thank you for increasing the value of my home.

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