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Very Pleased

By: Lydia | March 17, 2015

Hi Al

I hope you are well.

Thank goodness this season is almost over. It’s been a tough year with the snow. We got off to a bit of a rough start but I want to let you know that Magil is very pleased with your team and the good work they did for us with the snow removal.

Brooklin beauty created by Northern...

By: non-member | March 10, 2015

Let me start off by saying that I usually do not take the time out to write a review, but I felt a need to do so with this one. Northern Stone Design was more than happy to come out to the Durham region for us to do our front and back landscaping stone design. I am all about supporting family businesses and these guys did a phenomenal job. They helped to map out our design and took the exact amount of time that they said they would, four days, to complete a large job. It was conducted quickly, professionally and to our vision. Many people walking by stop to ask us what company did our landscaping. We are very happy with the beautiful job and would recommend this company to everyone! Thank you for increasing the value of my home.

Sad conclusion

By: non-member | November 10, 2014

Overall, I was very happy with the work Planta did at our home. A few things we were not impressed with was they delivered and planted more plants than what was on the original quote I approved. When I received my invoice it was much higher than agreed upon and that's because of these plants. Their solution was to remove the extra plants. After going back and forth, I suggested I would pay half for the extra plants and they agreed. My NUMBER 1 reason for having Planta come and do the landscaping was because of a flowerbed I was having weed issues with. 85% of the weeds returned within a couple of weeks and their solution was to put Round Up on each weed until they were all finally gone. I COULD HAVE DONE THAT AND SAVED $5,000. I will not be recommending PLANTA to anyone.


By: procario | October 7, 2014

The job was not yet completed and payment for 3/4 of the work was requested by Twigs Landscaping which we paid. After this was paid they never came back to finish the job. There was some general cleanup left behind that we had to do ourselves. We also have to have someone back in to finish the job. Once they made their money on the job, they left us high and dry. I would not recommend this company.

Twigs Landscaping

North Vancouver, BC

category: Landscaping - Contractors

great limestone sills

By: rmarr | October 3, 2014

I recently purchased new Indiana limestone sills from beaver valley for some work I'm doing on one of my exterior walls. The selection of limestone was great and I was able to go right out into the yard and pick the pieces I wanted.

All and all a great product and good price. You really can't beat it for the massive selection.

Very unprofessional

By: OrchidFox1 | September 16, 2014

I never seen a company so unorganized. My ex used to work for this place but they treat their employees like garbage and don't pay them enough for the things they do.

There is no organization or communication with this place half the time the employees don't even know what's going on. If you buy a tree from them make sure to also hire a landscaping company because they will rip up your yard and they wont care or reemberse you for any damages.

OK work

By: non-member | September 9, 2014

We had Creative Impressions do a little flagstone porch for us this summer. Looking now at the workmanship, it is only so-so work. The crew that was here did not seem to know how to craft flagstone the way a skilled stonesman would. In the end, I guess we are not that happy and we will see how the rectifications will go over the next few years.

Pool Installation and deck Contract

By: JennParent | August 13, 2014

June 2014 I made the unfortunate decision to hire a friend to put in a pool and build a deck at my home. Ed promised to install the pool and build the deck and would look after everything getting permits to finishing the yard by reattaching sprinkler system and top dressing the lawn and finish with either sod or seed. It would be perfect he said and completed well before August 1 depending on the weather. Problem was that I couldn't get a contract from him initially. When I did get the quote it was for 39000. Payment was issued for 17000, then 11000, then 5000.
Pool construction started without a pool permit, as was told you don't need one until there is water in the pool. (this is wrong). He made drawings for deck but found later that they were not accepted so no permit was paid for the deck or one issued. I became concerned when it was evident that the quality of the decking did not look right and neighbours were becoming concerned. So I talked to Ed, He said...



By: non-member | July 17, 2014

Allscape is bad for buissness he ll cut ur throat in a hart beat
They fill there yards with concrette and steal every ones mud
Ive never see a company who will treat there employiees like shit
They dont pay them well and they fill yard with garbage too I was drilling piles for a deck and
Not even 4 feet i hit a chunck of concrette wash out they fill up the hose with
All i say is stay a way frome them

Replaced three courses of spalling...

By: non-member | July 16, 2014

I had a problem with spalling clay bricks on the patio side of the house because of their proximity to the ground and moisture. Carlo recommended replacing the bricks with concrete blocks. Carlo and his crew did a very neat job that looks as though it was part of the original build.

Poor quality and unfinished work!

By: non-member | July 9, 2014

Toby seemed knowledgeable and professional when he came to do the quote, but it was all down hill from there. I agreed to hire him only if he could complete the job in 2-3 days, which we both agreed was easily doable. (I used to be in the industry) I needed the walkways done to have access to my house and also because the weather was only supposed to hold out for 3-4 days. After showing up for a couple hours on day 1 to dig up my yard, they vanished for several days. Of course the weather turned 3 days later like we expected. After nearly a month of showing up on rainy days and not on the sunny ones, we got a hastily installed, poorly prepped, misshapen, unfinished walkway. He also tried to charge me an extra $100 for sand that was compromised by moisture, after his employees didn't cover it properly! Now 7 months later, after receiving most of the agreed funds, he is refusing to come back to finish the job and honour the contract we have to warranty his work. He is giving me...


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