Greenhouse Landscaping Ltd

93 Dixon Ave Toronto ON M4L 1N8

Greenhouse Landscaping began organically, growing from a family affair started here in our own backyard. Our new swimming pool needed landscaping, as does every new pool, but this one had a very unusual setting, at the bottom of a large hill, commonly called a ‘reverse ravine’. This hill also happened to be the old shoreline of Lake Iroquois, the pre-historic version of Lake Ontario. The level of the lake was approximately 30m (~100 ft) above the present level of Lake Ontario, about 13,000 years ago. This presented gigantic challenges, so the Quebec branch of the family was called in, due to their lengthy, multi-generational experience in construction and landscaping, which was a good fit with our renovation-oriented experience here in Toronto. With the project being spread over 2 summers, the hill was eventually conquered and converted to an awe-inspiring series of terraced gardens, stairways, and footpaths. Requests from friends for help with their properties soon followed, and it became clear that there was potential for a new landscaping company to be formed. Greenhouse Landscaping was started officially in the spring of 2007, based on the experience of the family members, and has transitioned smoothly from that one intimidating hillside, through many successful projects, centered around the east end of Toronto, mainly in the more urban areas such as Riverdale, Broadview-Danforth, and the Queen street area known as Leslieville.